ABEDAS is established as a innovative decision support consultancy with broad capability in the defence, aviation and security domains. We prides ourselves on applying global best practice to help clients achieve and exceed their goals. Our consultants provide both strategic and operational support to initiatives across the enterprise.

Our areas of operation are covered broadly in following areas:

Commercial and Business Innovation

In increasingly complex commercial, operational and technology environments, there is no longer a single best of breed solution. Agility, collaboration, PAS 11000, flexibility, value, risk, reward, and partnering, SOSA, collaborating and competitive position are all part of the mix.

We bring experience of helping put teams in place with the most appropriate Operating, Commercial, Behavioral and Technical characteristics to maximise business winning or industrial growth. We will

  • Test and propose, operating, commercial, teaming funding, and commercial constructs through the whole value chain to maximise impact
  • Look at agility, collaboration, flexibility, value, risk, reward, partnering, collaborating and competitive options to deliver competitive outcomes
  • Help you to apply the right direction and commercial insight to bring blue-sky thinking to life
  • Focus attention on the things which matter

Strategic and Enterprise Management

Enterprise thinking takes a holistic view of your environment, operation, and aspirations. By understanding the whole, Enterprise thinking assists you in creating an overall strategic framework for success and allows the break-down of activities into focused initiatives to create a strategic road map for success.

The ABEDAS’ enterprise thinking approach works across the organisation to effectively align strategic and operational goals and helps teams agree and align on a set of strategies. We will help you to develop your enterprise map and help your stakeholders to understand, and own, the journey to maximise collaborative effort and shared solutions.

Decision Support

Providing decision support capability requires robust thinking about where you are in your enterprise lifecycle and what you are trying to achieve. Methodical assimilation, analysis, and tracking of your whole environment is needed to support decision-making.

At ABEDAS we will apply the best expertise and work with you to baseline where you are, help to identify your strategic objectives, select the right metrics, data collection processes, and commercial and technology options to optimise your balance of investment and business decisions.

Market and Product Development

The strategic and competitive importance of new product development, and commercialisation is the key to bringing your business to life. Whatever your industry, possession of the know-how to design practical action-oriented market and product solutions is mission critical.

ABEDAS’ product development process and high performance teams expertly work with you to combine your desires, your capability optimise market approaches and develop the plan and business case for investment (where applicable) to optimise your products and service portfolio.

In recognising this, we will help you to:

  • Identify, create, and leverage opportunities for product development on a systematic basis.
  • Take product innovation to a new level by undertaking and analysing market research and applying concepts and frameworks to build a leading understanding of effective portfolio execution in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • Acquire the knowledge to make the right commercial decisions and resolve product priorities.
  • Develop or review brand and product identity to ensure market and stakeholder alignment.

Performance Management

The linking of mission, vision, strategic goals, SMART actions, and control processes are critical to the management of corporate and personal performance and learning. these can only be sustained by a systematic approach to defining, agreeing, and monitoring your financial, customer, internal and learning processes in a balanced way.

At ABEDAS we will work with you to

  • Identify your mission, vision and strategies challenges
  • Identify sources of value, competition and opportunity, and determine best ways to contribute to future value creation.
  • Develop short-term and long-term goals, using both objective and subjective measures of success.
  • Put in place a balanced performance regime to state, measure and control your critical business activity and allow a plan-do-review improvement cycle for continual improvement
  • Measure organisation-wide performance and progress using key indicators to give a balanced view of future as well as past performance.   

Interim Management

ABEDAS has an extensive network of Consultants, Associates, and Interim Mangers with practice of delivering resounding success within commercial, aviation, defence, or security environments, with the breadth of skills and knowledge that only experience can bring.

Our approach is to work with you for long enough to resolve your issue and provide solutions to the business challenge, but short enough to be cost effective. If you are interested in Interim managers as a tactical solution, or are interested in finding out more about becoming an ABEDAS Associate, please visit our ABEDAS Associates section