About Us

Abedas is an innovative constancy which brings together impartial industrial and defence experience and focuses it on providing the best available strategic, development, commercial, operational, technological, analytical and delivery capability.

Whether you need a one-off focused push to unlock potential or through-life support, Abedas can provide independent support at systems or system of systems level; at programme or programme of programme level.

From our experience of Partnering, Alliance and Enterprise programmes, we have created and use a CPD methodology to ensure we identify, and focus on, the priorities to release real stakeholder value or competitive advantage

We recognise that all enterprises are different so we don’t choose a ‘one size fits all’ methodology, nor do we deliver pre-defined solutions; we tailor our approach to your needs, and deliver at your pace and will work collaboratively with you to transfer skills and knowledge to ensure enduring change. 





With growing pressure to deliver Front Line priorities and the need to leverage more value from budgets, the MOD is focusing on how the defence industry can meet these new demands in more cost effective way.
This means that increasingly, Industry must collaborate through partnerships and Alliances provide joined up capability within the defence industry. The UK MOD for example, has set out a challenge to both industry and itself to reform in order to meet new demands and to bring solutions together earlier through their Systems of Systems Approach (SOSA)

These challenges have created momentum, and raised the bar. It creates an ongoing demand to work better together to provide battle-winning capability to the front line, as well as ensuring good value for the taxpayer, in a way that is inclusive, achievable, and realistic.

ABEDAS provides support to enterprise and SOSA thinking as a Niteworks Associate company, and provides leadership on Partnering, PAS 11000 and Collaboration to Industry suppliers

Security and Resilience

Modern security presents a complex, ongoing, and ever-changing set of challenges to individuals, industry, defence,CNI and government. As the boundaries between security and defence become more blurred, so the need to generate a more flexible and appropriate response increases. This drives the need to consider security in a more joined up way, and requires integrated, collaborative strategies to predict and react quickly to rapidly changing security needs


The incremental increase in demand for air transport is straining the capacity of worldwide civil and military infrastructure and operation, pushing airports and operators to their limits. At the same time external influences ranging from volcanic ash disruption to SESAR interoperability is forcing a rethink on how the Aviation Industry can become more responsive. This Responsiveness is challenged by issues of interoperability, the fragmentation of air traffic operators, regulation change, and safety and environmental requirements.

European harmonisation, SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the contracting of traditional Military ATM service provision, JMATS (Now Marshall) are all driving the European Aerospace change agenda requiring strategic and enterprise thinking fro ANSPs and suppliers alike..